Sparkles & Devine Ride Europe- the beginning…

Despite what you might think, this is not another ‘dating’ story, but a wee tale about trip around Europe with my home girl, Aimee the Great- better known to the world at large as The Amazing Ms Devine.  These tales were written last year, and some of you may already be familiar with their contents…. but I wanted to include them on my blog, so here goes….

The Prequel

Be the first to know what happened at my farewell drinks….. by being there! Yep, I’m off again for 9 weeks sampling the finest Europe has to offer, accompanied by my friend Aimee Devine, a pure dead brilliant Scottish lass I met on my last adventure.

Pop along to say bon voyage 

When:     5pm Sunday 28 March
Where:    Normanby Hotel
Leaked prequel plot secrets include steamy dance floor action, a boy who looks Shane Warne and a Sparkles return to form not seen since Tom & Chloe’s wedding.
Expect to hear me practicing my Hungarian, with such useful phrases as:
  • Meg ket sort kerek (Two more beers please)
  • Egyedul elek  (I’m single)
  • Hol van a nadram  (where are my pants?)
So come along and as I like to say, (potentially in many different languages)
Get Your Leg Over

Tina S.

Getting in early… the long flight over

Too early for an update I hear you say?  Actually, I’m writing this just for Tom, who begged me for regular, even hourly updates.  I told him he was a twitt(er) but heck, I have a long layover and free internet.

Coming to you just conscious from Changi International Airport, Singapore, (voted 2nd best in the world, I hear, and in my opinion, about 40million times better than Charles de Gaulle*) following a below par flight where I was sitting in front of the frequently flushing loos and squeezed between a long nailed young man and what appeared to be a Buddhist nun (if such a thing exists).

Both my companions were suffering from a bad case of the “I know I really should blow my nose” (but for now sniffing will suffice) and “stuff my fellow passengers, brushing my teeth is not compulsory”.

Aaaah, Qantas.  The crew were surly and/or sarcastic. After I sent back my specially prepared delicious gluten free meal, (on the basis that it was still semi frozen), the attendant told me (after heating it up and bringing it back) that he did not spit in it, because I was polite.  Seriously.  Sometimes it really does pay to be just as darn nice as me.  Still, if I were as super nice as Pauly B, I’d probably have turned that into an upgrade or at least a foot rub.

Just starting to get the feeling back in my feet, but on the downside, my ears are bleeding owing to being near a Hard Rock Cafe where they are playing a Cher concert offensively loudly.  Will her silver glitter wig never die?

Anyhoo, will keep this mercifully short, and a big thanks to Scotty for taking me to the airport and the team at Flavr for making me glam (Nick tell Harley as discussed all the men on the plane were gay, a bizarre statistical anomaly) and the folk who helped farewell me on Sunday (which included a special dancing in his underpants affair you may have heard of).

Talk to y’all soon, probably in an hour or so

Lizzie G


PS If you are not sure who I am, or why you are on this email list, just press the ‘unsubscribe’ button.  Tom, yours doesnt work.

* You may recall Charles de Gaulle airport made it to number 3 on my top 10 low lights of my last Europe adventure.

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Apparently, there are people who go traveling and just see things and nothing weird happens. I'm not one of those people....come on holiday with me and find out why!

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