Lederhosen- perfect for everyday life!

Buses, Beers, Babes and the Black Forest- part one

With 45 mins sleep under our belts, we hoisted on our backpacks and czeched out of the Czech Inn, with the usual last minute drama which ensues when one attempts to print their bus tickets at 6am, while the cleaning staff play “It’s Raining Men” offensively loudly in the hostel reception.

We’d decided to catch a bus to Munich, and were feeling pretty smug that luggage on buses doesn’t have to get weighed.  However, that smugness was short lived. We discovered that while the first two bags are free, the third was €7.  We had €5.53 and zero koruna.  Awwwkwarrrrrrd. Especially as the bus people just patiently waited for us to fumble desperately around trying to scrape up some change, rather than continuing to get the other passengers on board.

Luckily for us, after several long minutes of fruitless scrabbling, the guy behind us paid the extra money.  The 6 hour bus trip to Munich was uneventful, save for having chosen seats behind the bulkhead (= no leg room) which hovered over the toilet (mmm, toilet smell) oh, and of course it was a SIX HOUR BUS TRIP!!

Aimee sleeps her way round Europe

No matter, we made it to an outer suburban train station (if a little groggy, dehydrated and sleep deprived) to discover we had no idea where we were, where we were going, and no access to money.  The ticket machine was in German and, with an unexpected inefficiency, would not accept any of our 5 credit cards.

But on the upside, who should also be at the ticket machine, with near perfect English and a willing attitude, but Peter from Slovakia, who was the very same guy who bailed us out at the bus.  Peter went above and beyond to assist us- contacted friends to help find the train station near our hostel, helped us with the ticket machine, got us on the right train- and was very patient with our ongoing ineptness.

With the general dragging of luggage and the odd wrong turn, we made it to our hostel.   Accommodation is very expensive in Munich, and accordingly we’d booked a 10 bed dorm….and the 8 other beds were filled with… men.

Not as good as you might think, ladies!  They were mostly older men, attending a construction expo, and wanted to have conversations with you while lying around in their jocks.  Put some pants on, for the love of God!  To add insult to injury earplugs and my iPhone were not able to drown out the cacophony of snoring in the room later that night.

Munich! Ya ya!


Room-mates aside, Munich itself was lovely. We checked out some beer gardens, practised our jumping, and found the free walking tour.  It was time to try out our new signature sign for Munich- both thumbs up beside the ears, one eye shut and a slap on the thigh.  Our tour guide, Big Kev, picked up on this straight away, and after a while started czeching up on us each time he said ‘Munich’ and then got right on board and ‘Muniched’ along with us.


Beer! Fuel for jumpers, ya!






Despite having done a history major which involved a lot of WW2, being in Munich, and standing in places where people had formed a resistance against the National Socialist Party (which was based in Munich) or attempted to assassinate Hitler, was incredibly moving.  While much of the tour was light hearted, Kevin wasn’t afraid to talk about the war and the impact on the Jewish people, and both Aimee and I were moved to tears several times.

Beautiful Munich

Munich was heavily bombed during the war- in fact nearly 80% of the city was destroyed and much of what we saw had been rebuilt.  My preconceptions of what Germany would be like were also torn down. The people were open and friendly, loved a laugh and we felt very welcome there.

Lederhosen- perfect for everyday life!

After a couple of days in Munich, the plan was to drive to the Black Forest in south-west Germany, to visit Bens and Sebastian, who you may recall were part of our Prague Posse.  Having sworn to never again have a late night before we were traveling, we joined the Beer Challenge. NOT a pub crawl, Big Kev emphasized, more about  beer appreciation, which went from 6-10pm.

It turned out the ‘challenge’ was to be the person who contributed most to the group, (not the one who got the drunkest and stripped off their kit while dancing on tables).  Having managed only once in my life to take the coveted title of ‘Drunkest chick at the ……..” I figured this was more up my alley.

So I set about learning ALL of the 33 names of the people who were also on the beer challenge, and introducing those who were there alone to others.  Even better, I supported this Aussie bloke, who was telling some American girls that back home he was….wait for it….a dolphin trainer (Jesse you owe me a six pack) AND gave our beer appreciation leader, the lovely Kristen, two massages.

Anyhoo, the end of the night, Kristen calls for entrants to the Beer Challenge.  I stood on a chair and correctly named all of our group (I know, right??!! and believe me, I had appreciated some beer!)  The other contender was a girl who did a backwards walkover into the splits, put her legs behind her ears and then walked on her knees and completed several other twisted movements.  What can I say, except forget university and take up gymnastics.  Her name was Kelly- and she beat the pants off me.

Mum, please don’t read this.  We made it home just after 10.30 (about 5 hours after), and barely made it out of bed in time to czech out of our horrible hostel, thus missing the car we had reserved.

Closed eye viewing technique


It didn’t matter, being (by now) quite experienced with dealing with a lack of sleep and a touch of hangover, we were able to jump on a train (well, 3 actually) for only twice the price of the car and head down to Hausach in the Black Forest, where Bens was picking us up.

8 hours later, after traveling through beautiful German countryside (for some reason I thought it was going to be all industry) and eating some food (the animals origins of which remain unknown), we found ourselves with the customary pile of luggage, sitting outside a train station in a town small enough that we were a novelty to every passer by.

But 45 minutes after we arrived there was no sign of Bens, and we began to wonder if they had sent us there as a joke (now THAT would have been funny). What else could we do, but discuss our options?

Stay tuned…..

Train to the black Forest

Munich- Two thumbs up!

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  1. Sounds like despite the hardships you had a good time. What trips are without hardships? 😛

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