“Girl survives first week in language course”

To be fair, it was a four day week, but I made it through.  In fact, today was quite a success:  64/70 in a test, a great grammar session and no blushworthy mistakes or BTMs.  I even had a plan to catch up with a girl from my class.  In fact, I was feeling pretty good about the course, and so happy in Heidelberg, that I cheerfully signed up for the extra week.

My new found optimism was in part the realisation that this was so much more than a language course- what an opportunity this is to live in a beautiful place, and meet an incredibly diverse range of people!  Once I took my focus off becoming a Deutsche sprechen super star I felt so much better!

Fun Fountain!

Fun Fountain!

Up until now, (as is my usual way) I had set such high expectations for the amount of German I should learn, that each day after school, I’ve done nothing but walk home along the Hauptstrasse, do my homework and then study until bedtime. (Yeah, ok, total nerd alert, not to mention that whole Doctor Who thing).

My sense of urgency was probably not helped by my lack of sleep.  Since I left London, I’ve been rocking half a cold, which turned in to a delightful dry nighttime cough (nothing too serous, I’d only cough incessantly for 2 to 3 hours as soon as I lay down) so I have been a bit tired.  Last night the cough mixture finally kicked in, and by sleeping sitting up, I clocked up 7 big ones.

So everything’s coming up Millhouse.  I left the Sprachschule feeling relaxed and ready to wander the streets.  Since I arrived on

Beautiful Streets

Beautiful Streets

Sunday, I literally have done and seen nothing that wasnt on the walk between the apartment and school.  Today, for the first time, I felt at liberty, in time and in mind, to simply wander the streets, peer in to shops.  Down one street, I discovered that just 50m from my apartment is the huge Neckar River that runs through Heidelberg! (Yep, minus a few points for observation, Tina)

Well, it’s Halloween tonight and aside from getting dinner, I had no plans (read:no friends!) so  I went for a long nighttime walk, and enjoyed the energy and revelry that abounds in a University town, and admired some great costumes, including a guy dressed as a penguin riding a skateboard.

Traveling alone can be lonely, but occasionally not knowing anyone is great.  It means you can go home when you fancy, get in to bed and plan for a long long sleep.  Hopefully, it won’t be long before I regain my Sparkle!

This weekend, I take my German to the streets!

View of the Neckar River

View of the Neckar River

About The Tina Sparkles Experience

Apparently, there are people who go traveling and just see things and nothing weird happens. I'm not one of those people....come on holiday with me and find out why!

8 Responses to ““Girl survives first week in language course””

  1. Hi Liza, Study hard! I loved that town! Great castle. Have you done the tour? they have the “Big Barrel” like we have the Big banana. don’t miss Baden Baden baths!

  2. Glad to see you get some recharged batteries and put them to use exploring a completely new way of life. It must be an amazing change, and it’s an inspirational one! Loved the photos too, get married there and hire me as your wedding photographer!!! 🙂

    • Thanks Simon! That is such a great idea! In fact I have a story coming up called ‘The Encounter’ and you just never know whether it might lead to marriage!! I have some great photos coming up- inside the castle and on an amazing walk I did that I think you will enjoy!

  3. You’re doing awesome Liza. As my friend Tuksan once said, “Study hard and if all else fails, blame the aluminium frying pans” xx

  4. Hey Liza, just caught up on your blogs and it is guten ya!! Proud of you for sticking with the learning, it’s hard work but always remember to never fear the wurst…worst 🙂 Loving these photos you’re including as well, they’re awesome. Hope you’re settling in to London ok, it does take some adjusting…and some drinking…to get into the swing of it.

    Stew xx

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