About the Experience

What the critics are saying about The Tina Sparkles Experience:

“How is it possible that one girl could have so many bad dates.  She’s a scream!  Who else could successfully use a pick-up line involving a tapeworm and a horse’s butt, and with such charm?”  The Australian Daily Planet

“This is writing unparallelled.  Tina has  a great turn of phrase- I particularly like when ‘the extra shock shocked her out of her shock’ while being kissed by a spittle encrusted overweight ex-football player- classic Sparkles!!”  How can we get her on staff? The New New York Times

“Tina shares some great tips about what not to do on a first date.  It’s genius.  I agree, falling off a chair, getting bitten by a dog and having a champagne bottle explode in your eye aren’t conducive to everlasting love.”   The La Guardian

“I think Tina’s writing is terrible.  There is no place for her in the market” Bill Bryson

Let The Tina Sparkles Experience take you on a journey to places you’ve never been!

Welcome to the Tina Sparkles Experience!

Jumping in places where Bill Bryson only walked

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